I can barely manage to get myself dressed and out the door, much less have little ones running around. These moms manage to rule the world and make themselves and their kids look amazing, day in and day out! Here are some of my favorite moms who are totally slaying it.


1.Saman Munir
Toronto, CA
36 year old mom of 3

This mom workouts out like a badass, runs a highly successful business, and is basically the hijabi Queen of Canada. Get inspired by all her amazing hijab tutorials on her IG: Makeuphijabs.


2. Maryam Khan
Orlando, FL
30 year old mom of 2

Many single folks can barely handle their lives with a 9-5 job. This mom not only juggles a 9-5 as HR for a college but she always looks super fly doing it. She has the entire department wanting to dress like her. Maryam’s advice to moms, take some time and shop for yourself as opposed to your kids all the time. Verona Collection is among her favorite stores to shop, she’s rocking in Modena black top in this picture like a boss!
3. Nalani Abuzir
Tampa, FL
30 year old mom of 3

3 kids all under the age of 9 and somehow this mom looks fabulous even when she’s just going to the grocery store! And her kids, they look like they just popped out of Baby Vogue magazine. This mom is definitely slaying.

Nalanis advice to moms is do something everyday that is solely for you. Whether it be having a cup of coffee in peace, a great read, a pedicure, anything. The positivity from doing something for yourself with reflect on to your parenting and everyone wins in the end.
Happy Mom= Happy Family inshAllah.
4. Mariam Hosein
Trinidad and Tobago
29-year-old mom of 2

Sail across the seas to find this stunning mommy! You wont find coats and boots in this mom’s closet as she lives in a tropical paradise. She also runs a successful accessory store, check out www.islamicjewels.com.
5. Suheylah Suleiman
Kansas City
33 year old mom of 3

3 boys including an infant, how does this business woman mommy do it?! We’re just going to call her Suheylah Slay Suleiman. Check out her stylish pics at sootarra.com, a multi-brand store of her favorite pieces.
6. Aminah Hamidullah
56 year old mom of 2, grandmother of 2

Former corporate America Vice-President, this mom now sacrifices her time helping others and is always looking fabulous doing it. She now runs a non-profit aimed at educating and empowering the Orlando community. This Verona Collection butter cardigan fits her like butter! Her advice to moms her age is to not let age stop you from doing anything! She believes at no matter what age you need to strive to be your best version of you! Age ain’t nothing but a number. She is one hot grandma! Yes I said it, hot grandma!
So there you have it folks, it is possible to find time to bring multiple lives into the world, manage a husband, home, a full time career, workout, and still look like you walked right out of a fashion runway. To all the moms out there, we love you!

Okay but seriously can we take one more look at this mom and her doll of a daughter! So much cuteness factor I can’t take it!

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Bibi Khan
Bibi Khan

December 09, 2016

MashaAllah,very beautiful.


December 09, 2016

Such strong, fierce women you featured mashaAllah

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