#1 Umeda Islamova (@theduajournal)



Umeda is a full-time business consultant through a university program providing assistance to small businesses in her community. On the side, she founded The Dua Journal which is a stationery designed for women of faith to lead a proactive, positive, and reflective life. Juggling work and life is a difficult journey for every woman. Umeda says, “It has taken me several years to really find a system that supports my vision and desire to lead a graceful life. Through trials and errors, a whole lot of overwhelm and push for a mindful life, I have learned to know my limits, what fills me, what drains me, what’s actually a priority and what I need to say no to.”

#2 Lail Hossain (@withaspin_)



Lail Hossain is a software engineer turned entrepreneur.  She traded her globe-trotting-tech career of 14 years and launched withaspin.com. She designs and sources products inspired by Islamic heritage and world style for WithASpin, LLC to fill the void of unique, high-quality lifestyle items for Muslim families. Her goal is to keep reminding through her products because a reminder helps the believer.

#3 Nadia Khan (@wabrysyrup)



Nadia started her organic syrup (Wabry syrup) business back in 2015 when she had four kids. Wabry syrup is set up as a social purpose corporation, and they donate the cost of a meal for every bottle of syrup they sell to the nonprofit GiveLight Foundation. Nadia says, "That helps to hone our intentions and make us feel like we are doing something worthwhile". Now Nadia has five children. The youngest is just one and a half years old. Nadia said, “things do get a bit hectic at times because we also homeschool. I try to keep my business work limited to twice a week so that I’m present the rest of the time for my family.”

#4 Sudduf Wyne (@salamsudduf)



Sudduf Wyne is a Muslim mom and entrepreneur.Salam Sudduf is a brand that encompasses not just my business ventures, but for me!”She says on her website, “I operate a few businesses and they all have the same goal: to spread the love & beauty of Islam.” In theMuslim Entrepreneur Association, she helps women achieve financial independence so that they can lead a happy and fulfilling life while pleasing God and raising good children. WithMuslim Market Co, she works with retail stores and brands to provide elevated experiences to their Muslim customers to create loyalty and enthusiasm. 

#5Fabiola Oliveira (@fabiolaoliver)



Fabiola Oliveira is from Brazil and her journey with Islam started in 2010 during a trip to New Zealand. She is a convert to Islam. Fabiola says, “I used to work as a teacher before my son was born but now I started my own business to teach English to Brazilians and Portuguese to foreigners which is an incredible experience. I also have taught a refugee family in Brazil.” Lately, she has been thinking about new projects and things she could do in order to help other mothers. Fabiola says she does this to help them get into a career, “which can be challenging, especially after you become a mom.”

#6Reem Sayes  (@daysofeid)




Reem started her career as a high school chemistry teacher right after graduating from Saint Xavier University in 2008. She taught Chemistry in a Chicago Public School for 5 years. During those 5 years, she completed my master’s degree, got married and became pregnant with her first child. She says, “I had my two children in between all of this and eventually officially started my business in 2016. I began with one product… We now have over 30 Ramadan, Eid, and everyday home decor products that integrate both modern and Islamic Art in each piece we create.”


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