1. Naptime Is Sacred ( @Naptimeissacred )



The Naptime Is Sacred Podcast created and hosted by Fousia Abdullahi, shares stories of Muslim women from all over the world. You'll hear the stories of impressive, accomplished, and amazing Muslim women authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, nutritionist, Iike Yvonne Maffei, Zahra Alibhai from the finest, Zakiya Master from a blend of spices, Hena Zuberi from Muslimmatters.org, Menahal Begawala LMHC, Na'ima B. Robert and so many more. These stories will give you the tools you need to not only be inspired but to provide you with tangible steps towards personal, professional growth, and development. We may take different paths, with various obstacles we each have to overcome, but our voices, our successes, and our individual stories are something to CELEBRATE and share.

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(  bit.ly/naptimeissacred) and Google Podcast ( http://bit.ly/2jODGJK ). You can also follow Fousia at @naptimeissacred on Instagram.

2. Salam, Girl! ( @salamgirlpodcast )



Salam, Girl! features content related to building a strong confident character as an American Muslim woman. The show is hosted by Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen, two American women who chose to convert to Islam. They share advice, experiences and interview inspirational guests to help empower Muslim women to reach their fullest potentials.

You can subscribe to Salam Girl Podcast in your favorite podcasts platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, and Stitcher. 
Want more Salam Girl? Follow them on Instagram: @salamgirlpodcast Facebook: @salamgirlpodcast and Facebook Groups: #salamsquad. Check out the Salam Girl website and subscribe for special newsletters! https://www.salamgirl.com


3. Sacred footsteps ( @sacredfootsteps )



We’re an online publication and our main focus is spiritual and alternative travel, history and culture from a Muslim perspective.

Alongside articles and guides, our podcast highlights aspects of history and culture that are often overlooked. We also run a campaign called ‘Reclaim the Narrative’ that focuses on calling out orientalist tropes in modern travel photography and aims to highlight the work of photographers who actively work to change that dominant narrative by documenting their own regions/cultures.

We now offer uniquely packaged tours that have a particular focus on encouraging sustainable, ethical and responsible travel practices.

4.  Unswtnd + Unfltrd ( @unsweetenedandunfiltered )



Our names are Zaina and Dounya! We are both Palestinian Muslim women currently living in Chicago. We decided to create a platform where women can share their stories of hardship while also highlighting their accomplishments. We have all gone through our fair share of struggles and at times we have been made to feel like we are also alone when facing these hardships.

Our sole purpose was to help the women who are struggling in silence by combatting taboo topics such as mental health, Divorce, infertility, women’s health/bodies and etc.

5. Mindful Muslimah ( @mindfulmuslimah )



Mindful Muslimah Speaks is a podcast that was born from a need for women to have someone who understands and has experienced all stages of the struggle. As a licensed educator, community activist, and mother of five, my passion is in supporting and empowering Muslim females to better pave the way for themselves and their families, despite the daily drama that we face. In the podcast, I take my almost twenty years of fieldwork to the task, tackling issues that many Muslim females are struggling with alone.

The podcast covers topics such as how to manage strong emotions and destructive practices, love and relationships, stress, how to deal with finicky eaters and toddler tantrums by the Sunnah, managing multi-cultural family dynamics, halal travel, and homeschooling organization to name a few. Beyond the podcast, we have recently formed a YouTube channel, conduct speaking engagements consultation sessions, and has begun creating courses to motivate and empower Muslim women on various life topics.

Many of us all know that we need to more presence in prayer, to be better mothers, more control over our wandering minds and desires, and less stress. However, what exactly can we do to achieve this? How can we become more mindful in all aspects of our lives in a realistic way that truly works with our identity? The Mindful Muslimah Speaks Podcast is committed to helping our Muslims sisters train our minds to become more disciplined and enhance our regular worship and daily activities, while still being able to chase our dreams in a way that we can feel proud.

6. The Rogue Muslim



A podcast for Muslims, by a Muslim, about Muslims. They say “they’re going rogue.”

7. This Muslim Girl ( @thismuslimgirlpodcast )

This Muslim Girl is lead by Noor, an Arab American woman born in Yemen and raised in the Central Valley of California, sharing stories to empower women.

8. Young and Muslim podcast



The Young and Muslim Podcast, hosted by Jibreel Salaam & Mohamed Hassan will give you the real on the Young Muslim American experience. These two best friends give their take and personal experiences in a hilarious fashion that is rarely seen on the topic of Islam.

9. Qalam Podcast



A podcast of lectures by the Qalam Institute.They envision a community that thrives off of accessible Islamic knowledge and the practical use of education to raise a community of leaders and activists who are well-equipped for the ever-changing socioeconomic and political scope.

In order to serve individuals, families, and communities across the globe, they have made efforts to provide a variety of relevant and successful Islamically-based solutions in a practical, integrated, and professional way.

10. Swisscast with Suhaib Webb ( @swiss_webb_institute_ )



Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues.



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